Relieve congestion in infants, children, and
adults in 3 simple steps.


The CLEARinse device provides a safe vacuum suction and irrigation to the nasal cavities to help remove hard blockages from the nose for easier breathing. CLEARinse has a custom pump system that creates similar flow and pressure settings used in doctor’s offices and hospitals.


CLEARinse is used frequently by ear, nose, and throat specialists and other clinicians to naturally treat nasal congestion. It is the only nasal aspirator and irrigator that consistently meets the clinical guidelines for saline and suction pressure and flow rates. It can be used by the entire family for stuffy nose relief year-round.


CLEARinse was designed by a pediatric ER doctor who recognized the need for a better way to help congested babies and prevent a trip to the ER.

Electric Nasal Aspirator by CLEARinse

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