Why CLEARinse


Relieve nasal congestion with CLEARinse Nasal Aspirator, the SAFEST 2-in-1 aspirator on the market!

Having a stuffy nose can be distressing for your child and your entire family. It makes eating, sleeping and breathing difficult – especially for your baby. Relieving stuffy noses can be challenging, especially because cold and allergy medicine cannot be used for infants and children.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends using saline to loosen congestion before suction. It is the most effective, safest way to relieve your child’s symptoms so they can eat, sleep and breathe easier. Current products available to the public for relieving nasal congestion are inadequate:

Other electric aspirators do not have enough flow, have too much pressure and may actually cause damage to the inside of your child’s delicate nose.
Bulb syringes do not have the constant suction you need.
Oral suction devices have variable flow, don’t irrigate, and may still transmit germs despite the filters.

Our Nasal Aspirator uses a doctor-recommended custom pump system to create similar flow and pressure settings to those used in doctor’s offices and hospitals to clear noses and provide fast, safe, effective relief.

CLEARinse Nasal Aspirator is the only device on the consumer market that uses saline to loosen congestion before removing congestion, while you hold and comfort your child.

This makes the recommended procedure more streamlined and easy to perform.

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