How I Reduced My Snoring With This One Simple Trick

How I Reduced Snoring

Submitted by a happy CLEARinse user.

I’m a snorer. I don’t want to be a snorer. I didn’t ask to be a snorer. I don’t like being a snorer. But, unfortunately, I’m a snorer.

I don’t think it really began to be a problem until I was in my early 30’s. I was married at a very young age, and throughout my 20’s I don’t recall any discussions centered on the subject of my snoring. Therefore, I have to assume that my snoring didn’t occur until we were going through a divorce and stress was high.

Throughout the course of my divorce, I found sleep very hard to come by. I would wake up most mornings with very dry nasal and sinus passages, but had no idea this was due to my new issue of persistent snoring.

After living this way for about a year post-divorce, I slowly began to date again. Eventually, I met a woman, our relationship progressed toward spending nights together. The first night spent together is a memory I will never forget.

Completely Embarrassed

I rolled over to find an empty side of the bed and panicked.  I frantically jumped out of bed and searching to find her lying on the couch – pillow and blanket in hand.

She awoke with news that I’ve never heard before. I’m a snorer – a snorer so horrible that my then girlfriend would not sleep in the same bed.

She tried to describe the snoring, then mimicked it. Truthfully, I thought she was exaggerating or being a little over-dramatic in her imitation. So the next night, we set up a recording so that I could hear for myself.

Holy LOUD.

After hearing the snores I casted, I was genuinely surprised that there were any pictures remaining on my bedroom walls! I was apologetic and beyond embarrassed. But what could I do about it? I had no idea.

Searching for a Solution

Over the next couple of years, I continued to date women, and every time the relationship progressed to spending the night I would be terrified about my snoring being discovered. I recall nights where I fought sleep just so that I wouldn’t scare her away with my snoring. It was horrible and completely debilitating in the dating world.

I tried nose strips, essential oils, nasal sprays, mouth guards – basically anything on the market that promised a reduction in snoring. And every morning when I would wake up with my significant other the report would always be the same.

I knew the issue was with my very dry nasal and sinus passages rattling when I breathed in my sleep. Therefore, I began to look for a solution that provided some sort of long-term nasal moisture.

Nasal Irrigation

Then I came upon the CLEARinse Nasal Cleaning System. Although it is marketed for use on babies and children with stuffy noses and colds, it appeared to be a product that might be able to properly provide substantial moisture to my nasal passages. Basically, you spray 3 cc’s of saline into your nose, and then “irrigate” it if you so choose – it seemed easy, safe and effective, so I gave it a try before bed.

The following morning, I woke up feeling rested for the first time since I could remember. I immediately asked my girlfriend about my snoring and she reported to me that the snore was GONE. She actually joked that at a few points in the night she wondered if I was still alive because I had never been so quiet while sleeping.

I have continued to use the CLEARinse Nasal Cleaning System each night before bed, and the results have remained consistent. Although this product is in no way marketed as a solution for snoring, I can tell you first hand that (at least for me) it is the snoring-reducing miracle I had been looking for.

If you’re a snorer, take a look at it here and consider giving it a try.

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