CLEARinse Starter Kit – Wash Heads – 20 ct Saline Ampoules Combo


CLEARinse is the safe, natural, and most effective treatment for nasal congestion – a must have for you and you family! The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends salt water irrigation and aspiration as the most effective and safest way to relieve nasal congestion in infants and children. Plus, it works great for adults too!

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Nasal congestion can be distressing for your child and your entire family. It makes eating, sleeping and breathing difficult — especially for your child.

For babies, nasal congestion can be simply dangerous. Young babies cannot breathe well through their mouth, and so they need their nose to be clear!
When babies cannot breathe well, they cannot feed well, putting your little one at risk of dehydration and other problems.

Relieving nasal congestion in children can be difficult because cold and allergy medicine cannot be used for infants and children.
The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends using saline and suction as the most effective, safe way to relieve nasal congestion in infants and children.
You need to make sure that you have the best product for you and your baby.

However, some products available to the public to relieve nasal congestion are inadequate and simply unsafe.

Other Aspirators:
  • Electric aspirators have too little flow and too much pressure, which may damage the inside of your child’s delicate nose.
  • Bulb syringes do not have the constant suction necessary to effectively relieve congestion.
  • Oral suction devices have variable flow, don’t irrigate, and may still transmit germs despite filters.

CLEARinse has a custom pump system that creates similar flow and pressure settings used in doctor’s offices and hospitals to clear noses.
It was designed by a Pediatric ER Doctor who saw that there was a better way to help babies without a scary trip to the ER.

CLEARinse Nasal Aspirator:
  • Suction pressure consistently within the safe suction range
  • Constant, effective suction pressure that ensures effective removal of congestion
  • Has a port for saline so that you can irrigate your baby’s nose and remove congestion easily
  • Congestion is collected in the wash head, which can be washed out and kept sanitary

It is the safest device on the market that both irrigates and aspirates your nose. Simple, safe, effective relief for the whole family.

CLEARinse products allow you and your child to breathe easier and feel better without the need for medication.

CLEARinse is the only device that you can use at home that uses recommended airflow and suction pressure to clear your nose and give you relief from colds and allergies. And it is way more convenient and cost effective than a trip to the doctor’s office!

CLEARinse Replacement Wash Heads

It is recommended that you replace the wash heads on your unit every 60 – 90 days, with regular use. Soft silicone wash heads replacements for CLEARinse Nasal Wash System are dish washer safe or cleanable in the sink. Comes with 2 replacement heads. CLEARinse is the easiest and most effective way to clean your child’s nose.

CLEARinse Saline Ampoules – 20 Count

CLEARinse saline solution is designed to be small enough to take anywhere. CLEARinse Saline Solution is a small universal remedy for all your allergy issues. Works great for that mid-day nasal cleansing or calming your itchy eyes during an allergic reaction. Saline Solution can be used to keep cuts clean when a first aid kit isn’t available. 0.9% Pure and Sterile Saline Solution. 20 Single use Saline Ampoules safe for nose, eyes, skin, wound care and so much more. Portable enough to store anywhere and take everywhere. CLEARinse Saline Solution — don’t leave home without it!

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Weight 24 oz
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 5 in
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