CLEARinse Saline Ampoules – 50 Count


Do you suffer from allergies? Tired of carrying around eye wash and nasal sprays? CLEARinse has the Saline Solution for you!

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CLEARinse saline solution is designed to be small enough to take anywhere. CLEARinse Saline Solution is a small universal remedy for all your allergy issues. Works great for that mid-day nasal cleansing or calming your itchy eyes during an allergic reaction. Saline Solution can be used to keep cuts clean when a first aid kit isn’t available. 0.9% Pure and Sterile Saline Solution. 50 Single use Saline Ampoules safe for nose, eyes, skin, wound care and so much more. Portable enough to store anywhere and take everywhere. CLEARinse Saline Solution — don’t leave home without it!

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 3 in
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