Keeping Your Respiratory Passages Happy this Allergy Season

a child coughing or sneezing into a tissue

Late summer and early fall can be rough on our ear and nose health. According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (via the CDC), more than 50 million Americans suffer from various allergies each year. August and September present a high concentration of mold spores, ragweed and pollen, kicking symptoms into high gear. 

Adding to the issues of ever-present allergies are the heat of long days, face masks, and the risk of Covid-19. Now more than ever, it’s imperative we take extra precautions with our respiratory health. Keeping our ears and nasal passageways clear and clean is the best defensive we have against illness. 


Preventative Care

The first step in keeping ears healthy is tweaking your “listening lifestyle.” If you forgo ear protection in loud environments or listen to music at high volumes, you should adjust your everyday habits to prevent hearing loss. For those who work around heavy equipment or machinery, ear protection is a must. Make sure you don headgear especially designed for hearing protection. Music headphones won’t cut it. And speaking of music, make sure you’re enjoying tunes at a reasonable volume. According to Cleveland Clinic, “if you think it is too loud, it probably is.”

Daily Cleaning

When ears have a build up of excess wax and debris, it can block the ear canal and lead to a decrease in hearing and possible illnesses. Cleveland Clinic warns that cotton swabs actually do more harm than good, pushing contents deeper into the ear and leaving behind cotton fibers.  

Oto-Tip is a medically safe and easy way to clean the entire family’s ears (ages 3 and up). The specially designed silicone tips are the perfect size for ears and feature patented spiral spin technology for a thorough cleaning. Extra built-in safety features, such as a break-away technology and device shield, allow for comfortable daily use. 


Preventative Care

Your first line of defense against nasal irritations is a clean environment. You should clean your work space and home regularly to keep your surroundings free of dust and mites. Humidity levels play a large role, too, and humidifiers can be a life-changer. “Breathing dry air removes the moisture out the mucus membranes,” says Advantage ENT & Audiology. “Humidifiers add moisture back into the air. Think of a humidifier as a moisturizer for your nose.” Many major retailers sell humidifiers in a multitude of sizes and in both cold air and hot air versions. 

Daily Cleaning

Allergies, sinusitis and the common cold can lead to a stuffy nose and sinus pressure. To keep nasal passages clear, regular irrigation is many people’s go-to solution, and for good reason. “A saline rinse removes debris, adds moisture and thins mucus,” says Advantage ENT & Audiology. CLEARinse provides relief from blocked nasal cavities through pure saline irrigation with a bonus aspiration feature. Even better, it’s safe for the whole family, even for babies as young as 1 month old. 

Getting ahead of any illnesses is the number one way to stay healthy and happy. And with the added issues that Covid-19 creates, there’s no better time to take control of your respiratory health than now. 

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