How to Combat the School Plague and Protect Your Entire Family!

The summer is all but over, and that means back to school for children and into a group environment where they will be in frequent contact with germs and viruses. It’s not uncommon for kids to get all manner of respiratory infections throughout the school year. Whether they are elementary age or high schoolers, being in close contact with others all the time means both groups are in danger of contracting things like the flu. In fact, it is such a common occurrence that there is even a name for it: ‘back to school plague’.

  While total avoidance is almost impossible, some easy-to-follow healthy habits and precautions can mitigate the severity of the symptoms or reduce the likelihood of infection. For example, teaching the child about proper hand hygiene goes a long way in preventing the spread of cold and flu.  Tell them not to keep touching their eyes nose and mouth.  Teach them to cover their nose and mouth while coughing or sneezing – preferably by placing their face in the fold of their arm rather than their hand.  Give them a mini hand sanitizer and show them the correct way to apply some after touching shared things like door handles, bus rails or toilet seats (usually the instructions for its effective use are on the bottle). In addition, try boosting the child’s and the rest of the family’s immune system through a healthy diet, regular exercise and getting enough amount of sleep can greatly improve resistance against the ‘booger plague’.  Finally, if your child is the one who is sick, be considerate to other families and keep your child away from school until they are better, so that they do not contaminate the environment for the other children! 


What to do when disaster strikes…

Unfortunately, no matter what precautions your child takes, they may still succumb to a cold or the flu. A stuffy blocked nose is usually one of the most persistent and irritating symptoms to manage effectively. While it can be a nuisance for adults, it’s a whole different ballgame for the little ones – especially toddlers. They get cranky, irritated and may cry a lot because they are scared from not being able to breathe properly – especially the really young ones. This often leads to sleepless nights for the whole family. This is where having the right remedy can be a blessing… and a big relief.

CLEARinse nasal cleansing system is the perfect answer to nasal congestion caused by flu, cold, allergy, sinusitis, and postnasal drip. It’s gentle enough to be used from birth, yet powerful enough to cope with an adult-sized cold. It is a highly effective solution for the entire family. CLEARinse will help everyone breathe better and cope better during their bouts of cold, flu or allergy attacks. By irrigating the nasal passages, it offers immediate relief and works just as well on dry boogers, while other remedies do not. Also, because the irrigation is provided by saline, immune compromised sufferers do not need to worry about contraindications. CLEARinse is suitable for the entire family from birth, it is the perfect solution to add to your medicine chest.

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