The Benefits of CLEARinse

        • Developed by an ER pediatrician who understands children’s health and the importance of clearing a blocked nose, while also suitable for the entire family.
        • Helps children to breathe better during illness, allergies, or other times when the nose is constantly blocked.
        • Easy-to-use, one-handed design allows parents to help ease their child’s discomfort while administering treatment.
        • Handheld, rechargeable, cordless, and ergonomically designed for comfort.
        • Fast, safe and effective at preventing and relieving stuffy nose.
        • Proven to reduce congestion caused by allergies like pollen and dust, environmental pollution and dry air, cold & flu, sinusitis, and post-nasal drip and pregnancy rhinitis.
        • Drug, BPA & Phthalate, and latex-free.
        • No interactions with other medications.
        • Meets the American Respiratory Council’s guidelines for negative pressure and effective flow.
        • Holds FDA Class 1 Medical Device status.
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